Our Privacy Policy

Information Baby Sitting Certification Institute (www.babysittingcertification.com) collects through our website from visitors (“Users”) is handled according to this Privacy Policy. This includes both information that is session specific and that which is maintained across sessions. Our Privacy Policy also extends to other products and services offered through our site, but does not include how information is treated by advertisers, third parties or affiliates linked to on the site.

Personal Information

Information that is personally identifiable is linked to an individual instead of a session. We may ask for such information during registration, ordering, or when Users sign up for other services. We use this personally identifiable information to render services, accept payments, track site use, and to communicate with Users. Such information may include name, address (physical/email), phone, type and manner of payment (credit card information).

Voluntary Disclosure

Users may visit and review publicly available content on our site without having to disclose personal information. It is always possible to remain anonymous. However, should a User decline submission of personal information, some services and activities will be unavailable.

Session Data

Information that is not linked to a particular person, but tracks activity on the site anonymously, such as with “session cookies,” is collected and maintained to generate site statistics. This may include which pages are visited, browser type and hardware, country of origin, and other data. This is collected without specific User permission and is used to enhance User experience but remains anonymous.

Cookie Policy

Small data packets, stored in the User’s browser, are called “cookies.” We use cookies for housekeeping and to increase site usability. Users may independently set their own permissions on cookie retention in their browser. Users who elect to turn cookies off may find some areas of the site unavailable. Session cookies are set to track use during a single visit to the site and may be deleted by Users after leaving the site without loss of functionality. Data from other cookies is retained and used by us to generate site statistics and for other purposes.

How Information Is Used

Baby Sitting Certification Institute uses information we collect in the following ways:  

  • To enhance customer service, both in communication and by providing a record of site use.
  • To improve User experience through personalization of site content.
  • To improve our products and services. By tracking site use, feedback, and other statistics, we can best respond and improve our offerings.
  • For financial purposes, to process transactions. Paid services on the site require accurate method-of-payment information and personal information. This helps prevent fraud and ensures timely delivery of services.
  • For communication with users. We periodically connect with our Users by email to suggest products or services, or with news related to our site. Users may unsubscribe to these emails at any time. Email addresses Users provide when products are purchased is used to notify Users about the status of their order and to answer questions.


Our reputation as a trusted provider of educational material relies, in part, by publishing the positive reviews we receive from students. Because of this, we will retain and may use reviews and feedback for marketing purposes. Testimonials may include User name and age, and may include general location (city/state), and other relevant information.  

Information Security

We understand User concerns about privacy. Because of this, we use an SSL standard when personal information is transmitted to our site, as well as encryption with “digital signatures.” We have also instituted industry standard, secure data storage mechanisms to avoid unauthorized use or release of private information, including financial information.

Privacy Policy Modifications and Acceptance

From time to time, and at our sole discretion, Baby Sitting Certification Institute may update this privacy policy. Users may note the date of the latest revision and review the policy at their convenience. By using this site, you agree to periodically review this policy for modifications. Furthermore, your continued use of this site constitutes your acceptance of both this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service. We have no provision for site usage without agreement with these two documents in their entirety.