About Us

Created by Proven Industry Leaders in Test Preparation

The Baby Sitting Certification Institute comes from an education test preparation leader. Our company has prepared thousands of students for a wide range of important exams.

Thanks to our program, it is now possible for our clients to achieve a high school proficiency diploma - 100% online. No matter whether you are an adult already in the workforce or a teenager who has not completed your high school degree, we can assist you.

Give Employers Information They Desire

Employers prefer to know their candidates have a basic level of high school knowledge, and that is exactly what you earn with our program. Students find that there are other advantages to opting for our program as well. For example, the GED takes a full 8 hours to complete, but our exam takes merely two hours from start to finish.

Our Program Was Built Around Your Busy Lifestyle

Every aspect of our program was created with an eye towards making your life easier. That means you can take your Baby Sitting Certification Institute test whenever and wherever you wish. You can even it pause the exam for as long as you like and pick up exactly where you left off. Our convenient program is also 100% completely online.

We’ll Verify Your Diploma

Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll receive your diploma in as little as two days. You’ll receive a comprehensive package containing all the supplementary materials you’ll need to confirm your diploma and move onto the next step of your life.

We also offer our Baby Sitting Certification Institute Lifetime Verification Service. This unique service allows employers and other educational institutions to verify your HSDI diploma so that you can successfully gain entry to secondary education or a new career.